Caught In
The Middle

A brainiac pre-teen boy and a stunning, popular, and trendy girl come the realization, with the help of his friends, that they are not too different after all... and that being true to your heart will take you further than you ever imagined possible.

Deadly Flower

Her mother, a trained assassin, her father, the ruthless head of a drug cartel, her sweet 16 gift, a Magnum, her inheritance, the path of a Deadly Flower.

A new 4 part series currently in production.

Real People.
Real Shifts.

An empowering, conscious-expanding film about ordinary people having extraordinary experiences as humanity's supernatural abilities awaken.

Palm Beach County Filmmakers

This is the place to be for Palm Beach County filmmakers, photographers, actors, models, editors, writers, and more! Our goal is to bring all the locals together so we can share our talents, educate each other and make some great creative works of art together!