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Palm Beach County Filmmakers

posted by admin, January 20, 2012 @ 12:04 am

Black Onyx Productions is a proud sponsor of Palm Beach County Filmmakers!

The P.B.C. Filmmakers was founded in March of 2010 by Talina Adamo & Ryan Synn.

OUR MISSION: Bringing Palm Beach County’s local independent cast & crew talent together & to the big screen, providing them more work opportunities in the film industry!

This is the place to be for Palm Beach County filmmakers, photographers, actors, models, editors, writers, artists and more! Our goal is to bring all the local together so we can share our talents, educate each other and make some great creative works of art together!

Together we can make some noise in our film community, bring all our resources together, expanding our contacts in the business and make ourselves more hands on and educated, successful filmmakers.

Once a month we have a P.B.C.F. Networking Event called a “Meet & Mingle. Here you will meet people in the industry and have the opportunity to discuss your ideas and get involved in our future film projects.

WORKSHOPS:  The Palm Beach County Filmmakers invite you to get educated. Click on the Events Tab for updates on all our upcoming events and workshops. Get hands on training in filmmaking from acting to script writing to distribution. We also have an occasional Panel Discussion with successful filmmakers!!!

All Filmmakers – Here we can discuss everything about film-making from start to finish. Raise money for our projects, collaborate, and educate each other in many ways. Let’s bring Hollywood to Palm Beach!

Beginners – here you can meet others who are experienced in the industry, observe, learn and gain experience too!


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