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A Faithful Companion – S.A.G. Short Film

posted by admin, January 28, 2016 @ 2:14 pm

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January 14th, 2016
Contact: Talina Adamo (Casting Director)

[Black Onyx Productions, LLC teams up with Paper Lantern Productions for a short film]

Please email to submit your headshot, resume and contact information for an audition appointment. Place “A Faithful Companion” in the subject line of the email.

Production title: A Faithful Companion
Union/Non-Union: SAG
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Short Film (20 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Production location: Parrish & Delray Beach, FL
Production Company: Paper Lantern Productions / Black Onyx Productions, LLC
Company website:
Pay Rate: $500/Day Lead Roles
Director: Frank Fradella
Producer: Frank Fradella / Talina Adamo

Auditions: January 30, 2016 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM & January 31, 2016 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
(Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)

Audition Location: Address will be given when audition is scheduled. West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Call Backs: January 31, 2016 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Shooting Starts: (Estimated) April, 2016 Shooting Ends: April, 2016 (4 Day shoot)

Synopsis: “A Faithful Companion” is a romantic dramedy inspired by Joss Whedon’s space western television series, FIREFLY. In this universe, a Companion is a highly respected part of civilized society, not unlike the traditional Geisha of ancient Japan. On a trip back home to an outer rim world (read: the Old West frontier), Calliope, a sought-after Companion, meets and falls in love with Jeremiah, a wise-cracking charmer who knows more about horses than space stations. This story tells the story of what happens when a respected Companion battles her own heart and the edicts of her order to find happiness.

Character BIOS
Calliope is a Companion, trained from an early age in diplomacy, politics, commerce, music, dance, and sensual pleasures. She was born and raised on a rim world, riding horses and taking hayrides. Her father still lives there. Falling in love with Jeremiah was not part of the plan.


Jeremiah is a good ol’ boy who has lived his whole life on a rim world bedding farmer’s daughters and probably raising his fair share of hell. He’s got a quick wit and a bit of a drawl, but his heart is in the right place. He doesn’t much know the difference between a Companion and a hooker and it doesn’t bother him either way.


Nupuri is the Elder Mistress of the Companion Order in which Calliope resides. It’s her job to instruct and counsel her girls in everything from playing a musical instrument to the Kama Sutra. She is the epitome of effortless class, and a master manipulator. She has lived the life of a Companion and sees the dangers that lie ahead for Calliope.

Calliope’s father has no problem with his daughter’s profession. He has a fairly big problem with some backwater hick trying to take that profession away from her. Campbell is a big personality. The kind of guy who wears overalls and has a beard that’s been with him since he was in diapers.

We are currently seeking happy, Florida crew members with a positive attitude and desire to be on our set for the following positions:
Second AD, Script Supervisor, (Set & Office) Production Assistants
There will be NO to possibly low pay ($100/day) depending on our investors and fundraising outcome.
There will be IMDB credit for all crew positions. We would like to pay everyone at least $100/day, but it all depends on funds raised. We will pay more if we raise more than anticipated. We hope to launch our fundraising campaign This February and through the beginning of March. We should know our exact pay rates by then

Seeking Florida residents with a good driving record who are willing to travel and or live near these locations only, please.
Travel & Lodging costs will be covered. One day shoot in Delray Beach at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens
and a 3 day shoot at OLD WEST TOWN in Parrish, Florida.

PA’s must be willing to do what PA’s do. Drive for picking up meals, actors, equipment, etc …
Office and or set work assisting other crew members.

Dates are not set until funding and locations are secured, but ETA is a 4 day shoot in April. We would like to shoot March 31-April 3, but this will only happen if paper work for SAG, locations and investors secure funding in time.

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